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Looking for the best Henna for your big wedding day? Skip the frown; be it minimal Henna, traditional full hand designs, or a new design you are obsessed off; our experts imbibe personalised elements to get the fabulous creations that are bound to stand out on your wedding day.

Wedding parties are all about girl power! Host a customized Henna designs party for all the lovely ladies and girls at your wedding. Like me, do you also have a crazy Game of Thrones fan cousin? Awesome! We can also append all their favorite things in their designs if they like.

Relive the Mughalian life by throwing a royal Henna bash at your birthday party or inviting your girlfriends for your most awaited baby shower party, beating the heat pool party, funky twist this homecoming and graduation party!

Momentous events stack in vivid memories. Sizzle the laughs and giggles with your girls with a flavor of Kadambari arts on your vivid unforgettable days.

Are you planning a traditional day for your office? What’s a conventional day without a dash of henna! Having a henna counter counter can surely stirrup things during the event. Your employees will go back with broad smiles and a bunch of exciting stories to tell their families.

Decorate your home with a modern-traditional touch, with the conventional yet exotic home decor items by Kadambari Arts. You will be surprised to see how these small decor items give your home a contemporary feel.


Kadambari is a professional henna artist with over two decades of experience in her bag, from Mumbai and Bangalore in India to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Kadambari has charmed her clients with her exemplary talent and has a huge client base to vouch for her work.
What sets Kadambari apart is her amazing creativity combined with her ability to connect with her clients in a manner that they will befriend her for life. Kadambari specializes in Bridal, Indian, Arabic, Tribal, and Modern henna body art.


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